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  • Celeste Elizabeth Arnold

Could our climate challenge be a gift in disguise?

Opdateret: 6. mar. 2019

I know this must sound like an extremely chipper over the top positive person always viewing the the glass overflowing with water - asking this type of question!?

But this is really not the case. I'm just trying really hard to muster an image and a reason for how what we are dealing with right now, could be understood and valued as a motivational gift for a future that is cleaner and more lush than what we are experiencing at the current moment. The more I think about climate change, read about climate change, view animations and talks about climate change and talk about it - I start thinking about how the streets of any bigger city looked and smelled before we actually had people that invented the intricate and efficient sewage systems. What if we view burning fossil fuels, chemicals in our food system, deforestation, acidification of our oceans etc. as an unsophisticated way of treating our waste? Sustainia is just one of the organizations that works with furthering sustainable knowledge. They have created a digital platform called Global Opportunity Explorer, where inventions with in all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are promoted. Just think about it, the planetary boundaries are "forcing" us to jump on the bike, to lower CO2, if you are lucky enough to live in a city where the infrastructure supports you in biking. This not only lowers your carbon foot print, it also keeps you fit in many ways. Thinking of ways to incorporate nature in the city to either suck up huge amounts of rain or to keep areas from turning into a desert. Companies in Copenhagen like SLA, 3. natur and Habitats are working with these type of solutions. Not only do trees store CO2, but nature is supposed to give us a calm moment from the urban jungle and according to scientists in Japan (on forrest bathing), being in nature can make us happier. Also setting up clean energy, like wind mills, solar panels, water mills etc. ensures clean air. What's not to like? Just like the muck in the streets with out sewage in yonder days, we should think YES - we really would like clean air, clean oceans, more nature, more infrastructure that supports movement and health and so forth. This is a very simplistic way of describing what's going on, because we have to change our mindset and our behaviour on so many different levels, but what comes with this necessity of changing our ways - might just be a gift (in disguise) that we hadn't fathomed before the shit (hopefully, nearly) hit the fan.

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