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  • Celeste Elizabeth Arnold

Do I really need to crochet my own cotton pads?

First and foremost, I ask this question because my interest in Zero Waste life style was triggered when I listened to a radio program where a young woman was asked about how she minimized her personal waste.

She bought her stuff in bulk, she made her own toothpaste and her own shampoo and she crocheted her own cotton pads. I actually laughed when she said this, thinking she was taking it to extremes. Then I saw some clips with Lauren Singer and Be a Johnson where they walk the viewer

through a zero waste lifestyle. In many instances they actually do what our grandparents or great grandparents did.

They bought very little clothes of good quality that could keep for a long time - avoiding fast fashion, that is very hard on our climate. I'll look into this further another time. They didn't have plastic in their home, but had glass containers and their cleaning products consisted of white vinegar and castile soap. Look them up, they are very educational to follow.

Browsing through the zero waste life style section I came across the 5 r's. I find these good to have in the back of my head and it's a strategy that can be used by individuals as well as communities and corporations.

Refuse (what you don't need)

Reduce (what you do need)

Reuse (by using what you have)

Recycle (what you can)

Rot (the rest)

I admire corporations that have made the 5 r's their core business. One of these businesses is LØS. It is a store in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, where you can buy organic groceries with out packaging. That means that you have to bring your own bags or glass containers with you in order to buy groceries. Stores like this make it easier for a consumer to live out a ze

ro waste life style.

Personally, I'm still struggling with a minimizing my waste life style. But I appreciate greatly the efforts and the inspiration from people like Be a Johnson and Lauren Singer. Reducing carbon emissions has to come from all walks of life - not from the bottom up, or the top down, but from all the cracks and lines in this mesh of relations that make up our Planet and our actions on it.

The pictures in this piece are of my dear friend, Sisse Høy Simonsen - her hands and creations. She actually crocheted cotton pads for me, because she knows how absolutely crap I'm at crocheting and how thrilled I was that she would crochet these little wonders for me.

I hope you have become more curious about zero (or minimizing your)waste life style.

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