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  • Celeste Elizabeth Arnold

Introducing Sustainpix on Instagram

Nanna Skouboe Brandenhoff and I met through a mutual friend. We quickly found out that we are both deeply immersed in wanting to further a sustainable way of thinking and reacting to our every day lives. But we both experienced that information about sustainable living can be tinted in a way that may leave the receiver feeling ashamed, overwhelmed or disillusioned. So we decided to share our journey through Nanna's lovely drawings, my daily findings about sustainable information and action combined with links from people, NGO's, think tanks etc. and call it Sustainpix. A place where you in a glance can get information through a picture, a short text and an option to dive deeper through links to relevant articles and more. We are also very aware that finding and prioritizing sustainable knowledge isn't always a clear and distinct path, but rather it can have many detours and pot holes hidden, out of plain sight.

That's why we are very interested in cooperating with NGO's, think tanks, Universities and experts that have a thorough knowledge about sustainable behavior, inventions and actions. Next up we'll share the experts knowledge that have been interviewed right here on weturn2030 and we'll also with time share knowledge from Ryan Hagen's 100+ articles on Crowdsourcing Sustainability. At the moment Instagram is Sustainpix's SoMe channel and with time we might seek out other platforms as well. Feel free to follow Sustainpix and drop us a line if you have a comment or wish to help us in the right direction.

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