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  • Celeste Elizabeth Arnold

The Birds and the Bees talk

I love this thought of having the Birds and the Bees talk. Usually it's the parents taking a hold of the youngsters. But this one is meant for the kids and youngsters to invite their parents to talk about if they are doing enough to keep future generations safe on Earth.

The idea and text was created by Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse (The Green Student movement) in Denmark and translated to English by Karen MacLean (one of the initiators of Den Grønne Friskole (The Green Free School)). My idea was to spread the word by making it easier for a larger community (people speaking English) to share the picture on SoMe channels like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and also give anyone the chance to create a little video or animation of the text. I hope that this image will travel with the speed of lightning. Happy sharing everyone :-)

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