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Valby Climate Festival 2019

Opdateret: 8. maj 2019

This is a gift for people that will attend Valby Klima Festival 2019 (Valby Climate Festival 2019) and those who won't.

Saturday the 11th of May at 1.30 pm until 2 pm I will be giving a talk at the Festival in Valby. The title is "Hvordan kan du blive mere bæredygtig nu?" ("How can you become more sustainable now?") I won't give away all the details, but I will link to some of the great initiatives that I have discovered in the past year or so. Many of them are Danish initiatives, as I live in Denmark. If you live outside of Denmark, I Hope you have the opportunity to find something similar in your local area or get inspired and start an initiative with others in your community. Here is a list and a brief introduction to different ways you can become more sustainable in your actions now. Politics and civic society If we really want to make an impact on our society we need to mold our political landscape. Because let's face it - the politicians decide if we choose to use our tax money on taking care of our citizens and our surroundings and they make the laws that we abide by. In Denmark a group called "Så er det nu!" ("It's now or never!") was formed, because a group of concerned citizens didn't think that our government was prioritizing sustainability and climate change enough. You can engage in "Så er det nu!" at many different levels. You can sign up to support the cause and you can use "prik en politiker" (poke a politician). "Prik en politiker" is a digital platform where you can ask your local politician a yes or no question about the climate and their answer will be made public. That way when the politician is elected it is apparent for all to see what they have promised to do about the climate. Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) CCL is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. That means that yes, you and who ever, can be a part of the team and support them in your community. Here is a link to the Danish CCL.

Andelsgaarde Adelsgaarde is a civic movement created to buy as much land as possible in Denmark and grow vegetation on the land to ensure biodiversity and to grow food with out the use of pesticides. Andelsgaarde is funded by members giving a monthly donation to buy "Denmark back" sort of speak. Investments, banks and pension funds According to a talk I had with Troels Børrild, Head of Investment at MP Pension, how we invest our money is crucial to becoming more sustainable. He mentioned that it can have 27 times the effect of f.ex. not eating meat or not taking that overseas flight once a year. Not to say that we now can fly 27 times more per year or gorge in meat fests - if we invest in sustainability! A Responsible Future Therefore make sure that your pension fund is not investing in fossil fuels, war etc. If you are living in Denmark and you aren't able to attend the general assembly at your pension fund, then you can give a power of attorney to "Ansvarlig Fremtid" ("Responsible Future"), you can become a volunteer and you can sign up on their home page, so they can give you a heads up about when your pension fund has there next assembly. As for banking, Merkur Bank is a cooperative bank which has built it's banking around supporting enterprises within sustainable production and not-for-profit institutions and associations within cultural and social fields.  Communication From Googling to Ecosia-ing.. If you need to search the web - now you can go ecosia-ing instead ;-) is a search engine and they use their profits to plant trees! Speak your way to sustainability Sounds a bit odd? Well Greenspeak delivers telecommunication and uses their profits to support sustainable NGOs and initiatives. The customer decides which NGO they wish to support. Zero Waste Life Style At the moment there are a lot of brilliant people giving the Zero Waste way of life a go. One of them is Bea Johnson who created the blog Zero Waste Home. She has gone all in and I truly admire her efforts. Here are the 5 R's in Zero Waste to remember: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. There are so many great initiatives popping up every where. Sustainability is the new "black" - so I'm sure if you just have a look around your local area you will find options that are more sustainable than business as usual. Happy Sustain-hunting! :-)

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